5 chronic diseases of adults in their Age 40 up

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5 chronic diseases of adults in their Age 40 up

What are the factors or causes that cause these 10 diseases?

  1. Atherosclerosis : This disease has the following factors or causes: smoking, high cholesterol high blood pressure Physical inactivity, obesity, diabetes, excessive alcohol use high triglycerides
  2. Cancer : Risk factors that cause cancer include heredity, smoking, obesity, drinking alcohol, people who have too little or too much sun exposure. People who eat less fruits or vegetables Casinogen Exposure exposure to xenoestrogen
  3. Dementia : There are many causes of dementia. since Alzheimer’s It is the most common, about 60% of all causes, or is the destruction of brain cells and there is a decrease in neurotransmitters. Or it may cause by a small blood vessel in the brain diseases of adults clogg. Which is about 20% of all causes. Other causes It is often found in conjunction. With other diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.
  4. Obesity ( Obesity): It can cause by many reasons. Such as metabolic rate food daily activities Or it could be caused by hormones.
  5. Menopause: Caused by a decrease in sex hormone levels. which can happen to both men and women

Simple ways to take care of yourself 

which can be done at any age. This can done simply by avoiding the following at ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com things:

  1. Cigarettes, liquor, tea, coffee
  2. dessert
  3. Toasted-fried food
  4. sunlight

We must also

  1. Adjust the way you eat in everyday life.
  2. exercise diseases of adults
  3. getting enough rest
  4. stress relief  

degenerative disease It is a disease that takes a long time to accumulate. In the early stages, it rarely shows symptoms. But over time until the symptoms began to clear up. found that we had already become a disease. Most people are only aware of the disease. When they are older. A disease of deterioration that anyone I don’t want to be close either. And the doctor will give examples to say: