Cristiano Ronaldo transports cooling tanks from Turin to install in Manchester

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Cristiano Ronaldo transports cooling tanks from Turin to install in Manchester.

Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo has a strong focus on sports science. Recently ordered to transport a cold treatment tank from a house in Turin, Italy. That to install it to a rental mansion in Manchester.

Report from ‘ Sun Sport and ufabet  ‘ that the source of the body is fit. The complete muscle of ‘ CR 7’ besides because of the beneficial food choices. plus heavy exercise.  

There is also the matter of cryotherapy to speed up muscle recovery to be complete. As soon as possible after heavy use. He even bought a personal soaker worth £ 50,000 ( about 2.3 million baht ) to use in Turin when he played for Juventus.  

At this time, he returned to play for the ‘ Red Devils ‘ and did not release the tank for a total price of 2 million baht to his new house.  He called for a moving company to remove the macaroni from the sky to install it in a luxury mansion that lives with the family.

This miracle tank helps in the regeneration and healing of human tissues. The temperature can be adjusted below -200 degrees Celsius. But should not soak for more than 5 minutes. Because it may be dangerous to life.  

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