Ferdinand cried out for the help of God Modric.

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BT Sport analyst Rio Ferdinand admits he even yelled at Luka Modric’s golden-footed ball for Real Madrid’s 3-1 goal assist. Rodrygo in normal time until able to drag the game to extra time until the Chelsea dictatorship until qualifying for the CHPL playoffs

While Madrid were down 0-3 at half-time with the second leg at the Santiago Bernabeu, their status was eliminated. But just five minutes later, Modric also showed a good one- time Ballon d’Or title . Lifting the ball from the front of the frame with a side tail for Rodrigo to insert it into the right side of the frame, tung the net. Claim one ball for another 30 minutes UFABET Extra Time.  

Until Karim Benzema hit the check bill for 2-3 minutes 96. Including two results, the ‘ White King ‘ cut softly 5-4 and sent the Croat army as a man of the match.  

The 36 -year -old’s awesomeness and playing on a contract for the last few months has made Ferdinand go head-to-head.  

Said the former England defender.

“ Luka Modric’s pass is the reason why I lost my voice today ! It’s a scam. “

“ I’m shouting with all my might , Luka or Muga , whatever your name is. It was a really cool assist. ”

In line with comments from co-analyse Steve McManaman, who was impressed with the 2018 Ballon d’Or: “ You can sit and watch Modric pass all day , look at that ball, this one too, forget it. who shot The protagonist is the one who opens the ball. ” 

Finally, Joe Cole , as an alumnus of ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ , is also a Croat player. “ The ball is very beautiful. This is something a quality player can create. ”  

Qualifying for the Champions League semi-finals this time allowed Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti to set a record equal to Jose Mourinho and Josep Guardiola as coaches who formed the team into the playoffs . 8 Champions League careers