Gerard Pique doesn’t want to work as a coach after hanging up his boots.

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Barcelona defender Gerard Pique does not see himself in the future as a coach after retirement. Ready to talk about the situation of Ousmane Dembele teammate.

         Gerard Pique defender remains a mainstay in the defensive line. “Chao Boon throws” and currently has a contract with the team until 2024. But he does not think he will step up to become a coach in the future after he retires.

         “I don’t see myself as a coach. Every day life is difficult for me. I want some days that are dormant I think our system is old.” Pique said.

         “Barca… Madrid… other clubs in Spain. The club is stuck in the 1980s, things have changed.”

         At the same time, referred to the situation of Dembele. “I understand both sides. There is a lot of money at stake here. Everyone has the right UFABET to express their opinions and protect their interests.”

Biography Gerard Pique.

Gerard Pique started playing youth football for the first time in 1997-2004 with FC Barcelona for a period of 7 years. From 2004-2005 playing with the Manchester United youth team. Then went into professional club play in 2004-2008 with Manchester United for a period of 4 years. Then from 2006-2007 came to play with Real Zaragoza on loan by playing. More than 22 games and performed well. Then in 2008 he joined Barcelona. ​​

Where he played a total of 222 games. His style of play and ability earned him the nickname Piquénbauer in addition to receiving many awards both personally and the club. Therefore he is a player who has been trusted to be a regular on the field often and is the main player of the team. 

Gerard Pique entered the national team from 2002 to 2003 in the Spain U16 , 2004 U17 , 2006 U19 , 2007 U20 , 2006-2008 Under 21 for his first senior cap in 2009, playing 101 games in total. His  style of play and skill set make it one of the most frequently used by the Spanish national team. And is the main player of the Spanish national team, another one that is indispensable for the team’s defensive line. But he officially retired after the 2018 World Cup.