Kingsley Coman is happy to return to the starting the Champions League

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Bayern Munich winger Kingsley Coman has revealed he is happy to return to the starting XI in the Champions League after undergoing minor heart surgery.

Koman is missing several shots after undergoing minor heart surgery. Before fit back into the field in the latest league game that came down the reserve in the game that “Bayern Munich” defeated Leverkusen 5-1 last weekend.

in the UEFA Champions League game on Wednesday night. The France international winger made his debut for the first time after surgery. Before doing a great job, leading the team to defeat Benfica 4-0 and win the Man of the Match position.

“It’s a good game, Benfica is a good team. But after we got the second goal We have a lot of opportunities,” Koman said. 

“I am very happy. To have returned to play on the field without any heart problems.”

Bayern Munich last played at Benfica’s Estadio da Luz in the 2020 final, where they won the title with a win over Paris Saint-Germain 1. -0 from Kingsley Coman’s winning goal