Louis van Gaal concerned about the time limit for Jorginho Wijnaldum

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Louis van Gaal, coach of the Netherlands national team Concerned about the time limit for Jorginho Wijnaldum, the senior midfielder at the agency Paris Saint-Germain. Will result in a stiff form when using the orange windmill.

White nationalists hub of role frequenter of Liverpool , but I promise to free affiliation PSG even then knock down 11 shots, but all items are sent racing league, Ligue Only four out of five games back. Plus being the only real one  

That makes the nickname ‘  Netherland  ‘ worried that ‘ Genie ‘ may not play when serving the country. Therefore spurring the real race in the Parc des Princes.

“ Of course I’m worried. I asked him about it. When he arrived at the camp to keep himself, ” Van Gaal said at a press conference. 

“ But the alarm didn’t immediately go off. Because I personally trust the hands of many players. ”

“ For example , Wijnaldum was injured before the 2014 FIFA World Cup ( Van Gaal was in charge of the national team ), but then he stood for a long time. and has played almost every program since then He did such a good job. ” 

The midfielder , 30 -year-old will miss out on World Cup 2022 Qualifying European Zone found Latvia Friday it banned.   According to report by ufabet