Marotta confirms Ausilio talks with Barcelona.

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Piero Ausilio meets with Barcelona management. The usual course of action as Inter Milan’s sporting director. Inter Milan CEO Beppe Marotta told DAZN on Tuesday that. Nerazzurri sporting director Piero Ausilio had a meeting with Inter Milan. Barcelona executives to talk to build a base for next season. But nothing particularly specific. 

Ausilio was spot at Barcelona’s sports complex last week. It is expect to meet with two Barcelona executives, Mateu Alemani and Jordi Cruyff to discuss building a base for next season. This could mean a possible deal between the two clubs this summer. As both sides look to strengthen without over-investment UFABET

‘Piero Ausilio’s activity is contact and travel. Which is part of the normal activities of the sports director. It was good to have discussions to bring in ideas to build a base for next season nothing special. It’s something Piero knows with a lot of experience.’ Marotta said.

Barcelona and Inter Milan have link with a business venture for the two players. The Azul Grana team may try to take advantage of the interest in Franck Gessier of the Nerazzurri team. While the Catalan giants have the name of Croatian midfielder Marcelo Brozovic. The Italian club is one of Sergio Busquets’ heirs.