Newcastle continues to perform poorly.

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Newcastle continues to perform poorly. Most recently they lost to Cambridge from League One at home 0-1. And were eliminated in the third round of the FA Cup.

English FA Cup Third Round Football

Newcastle (Premier League) 0

Cambridge (League One) 1

Stadium: St James’ Park

Salikadong controlled the game and attacked hard. Almost one-sidedly in the first period by the 25th minute. Almost high on Allan Saint-Maximin. Flowing the ball into the penalty area on the left to Jacob Murphy swung the spin with the right foot hoping to bend the far post. UFABET But Dimitar Mitov still flew off the back.

In the 38th minute. The home team was almost happy again from the shot of Saint-Maximin. But Mitov still showed the same super save.

Salikadong had another golden opportunity 2 minutes later when Shelvey flowed into the box on the right side for Ryan Fraser to cut into the middle. Murphy ran to shoot but Mitov was saved. visit

In the 45th minute, Newcastle led again, Murphy had a full right-footed hit in the right-hand penalty area, the ball flashed, but Mitov still showed a great save, brushing the ball into the crossbar, bouncing off the back. The first half ended 0-0.

In the second half.

Newcastle continued to attack in the 47th minute, Joelinton inserted a shot in the box but was saved by Mitov as usual.

The Magpies supporters had to haggle the whole field when Jacob Murphy dropped out and shot the net. But the lineman raised the flag as the offside first.

But in the 56th minute it was Cambridge who took the lead 1-0 when Adam May slipped offside trap to pump the ball from Martin Dubravka, bouncing into Harvey. Nibbs spun the shot to catch the line, extracted into the way Joe Ironside hit a single boom into the goal.

Newcastle had a chance to win back in the 63rd minute. But Saint-Maximin’s shot It fell out of the frame. After that, Salika Dong’s game was clearly fading.

Rest period Even if the locals try to reclaim the door But he couldn’t finish the game. Cambridge overcame a 1-0 win over Newcastle.