Newcastle United have switched ownership to Saudi Arabia consortium

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The Premier League has officially confirmed Newcastle United have switched ownership from Mike Ashley to a consortium from Saudi Arabia. It’s all right.

The group of funds from saudi arabia Tried to buy Newcastle in the first round. But was in a dispute with beIN Sports over the rights to broadcast the Premier League. But most recently, the dispute was resolved successfully.

Such funds are led by The “Public Investment Fund” (PIF) can prove to the Premier League. That it has nothing to do with the state of Saudi Arabia accused of human rights violations.

PIF will finance 80 percent of the equity group that includes Amanda Staveley, financier and owner of investment advisory firm PCP Capital Partners. And the billionaire Reuben brothers join in to fund the takeover of 300 million pounds. 

That ultimately made the takeover of the Saudi venture capital a success. And it’s the end of Mike Ashley’s era that has been in charge for 14 years. That has always had a wave of resistance from Salika Dong fans.

A statement from the Premier League said: “The Premier League, Newcastle United and St James Holdings Limited are able to settle disputes over takeovers from PIF Capital, PCP Capital Partners and RB Sports and media”  

“After reviewing the suitability The club was sold to the capital with immediate effect. At the same time, to end the matter of the owner of the club. The Premier League is also guaranteed by law that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It will not control Newcastle United.”

This takeover instantly made Newcastle one of the richest clubs in the world. It is more than 90 per cent of Salika fans have agreed to a change of ownership. Because they have long lost hope for Mike Ashley.